Pre school learning to read

Kids gain reading experience at an early age. At an young age they won’t be able to read, but by listening to the tones a good foundation is built. Learning to talk requires the same steps. Babies learn to talk by repeating others. At first it will only be tones. Later on the tones will be replaced by short words and the short words will be followed by longer and more difficult words. Finally, kids will be able to make full sentences on their own. Learning to read works the same. First, tones are linked to symbols. Subsequently more and more words will be understand. A more extensive explanation of pre school learning to read can be found at How to teach reading comprehension?

Reading Eggs, how does it help?

Reading to babies

At Reading Eggs you can see how the online reading program can be used at school. For every school year between the age of 3 and 13 is explained how it helps. The online reading program makes learning essential reading skills a fun and motivating experience.

Advantages of Reading Eggs

The reading program Reading Eggs has a lot of advantages. Underneath are the advantages of the reading lesson plans.

Why do children love learning with Reading Eggs?

  • The virtual environment is endlessly patient and each child can make real progress at their own pace.
  • Reading Eggs is infused with a sense of humour and children are surprised and amused by the programme. They enjoy the variety of game-like activities, the rewards, the memorable funny songs and the animated characters that become like friends as they progress through the lessons.
  • Each child can create their own avatar/online character.
  • Each time a child completes a learning activity they are rewarded with Golden Eggs for their Eggy Bank.
  • They can then use these Golden Eggs to buy fun and educational games at the Arcade.
  • Children get a real sense of achievement as they progress through each of the eight maps.
  • They love collecting Critters – a new critter hatches at the end of every lesson.
  • Best of all, they love mastering the skills of reading!

Other key features of Reading Eggs

  • Children can use the program at home as well as school.
  • Once a lesson is complete the child can revisit and repeat it as many times as they like.
  • Children receive a certificate after successfully completing the quiz at the end of every map.
  • Reading Eggs provides teachers and parents with a simple “dashboard” to show each child’s reading progress.
  • Downloadable Lesson Plans and student worksheets for every lesson.
  • Teachers can choose the start point for individual students, so that each child can progress at their own level.
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