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I’ve just purchased a 12 month subscription of Reading Eggs for my two children (3 and 7.) We’ve been doing the free trial for a week and I am very impressed with the program. They both absolutely love it and I am particularly amazed at how much my 3 year old has learnt in a week. I’m a primary school teacher and think the program is exceptionally well designed. I look forward to the next 12 months. Cheers,


Reading egg has tremendously helped my child progress in reading. It has been a great addition to our curriculum. My child finds the lessons engaging and I like the bright colors and updated graphics. I have looked at other reading programsbut the graphics seemed washed, outdated and my child seem uninterested to complete the lessons. I was so happy that I was able to extend my membership and will continue if they offer a discount again.

Talieeya Davis

I really want to thank Reading Eggs for such a fantastic program. My son, then four, started Reading Eggs twelve months ago. Comparing to when he began, he could just recognise the alphabet and very simple words. Now he has just turned five and reads books very confidently!! He really enjoyed the simple to use interface and was always keen to spend time doing Reading Eggs. He logged into Reading Eggs most days and after one-year, had completed most of the lessons. Whether we sat with him and supervised or whether independently, we were amazed at how powerful the learning tools were. Reading Eggs really thoroughly took him through all the facets of the English language and gave him the confidence to become a really good reader. We wanted to drop you this note to express our appreciation for this program and to encourage other parents to take up this same opportunity.


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