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Teaching children to read can be very difficult. Because when do kids learn to read? And is my kid having problems to read? In other words is my kid following a normal learning curve or should I be worried?

Although most children learn to read at their own time it’s obviously good to help your children in any way you can. But most of the time you just don’t (exactly) know how! That´s why a little help to teach your children to read in fun and playful way can be great. In most cases online reading programs can provide this. They will help you in every step of the way. This is not just great for your children but for you as well. Because usually you will be able to teach your kids to read in a more effective way that´s fun too.

Early education with a big advantage…

Would you like to give your child or children the benefit of education in the early days of their lives? Who wouldn’t right? With ABC Readings Eggs young kids get the education they deserve. Your kids will learn to read in a fun and playful way. That’s why we highly recommend ABC Readings Eggs.

So take a look and see what ABC Reading Eggs is all about.


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Still not convinced that reading Eggs it the way to go for your children’s education? Than read what some users of ABC Reading Eggs have to say about it!


Kids love ABC Reading Eggs

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Parent Testimonials

Charlie, who is just 5, has enjoyed the Reading Eggs program immensely. I have been amazed at what he has picked up in such a short time. The program is amazing and we will go back over all the maps and re do the lessons and wait for the next set. Charlie has especially enjoyed the games and collecting the little critters. To all of the people who have been involved in making this program, congratulations – it really is a success.

- Donna

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